Our Strategy

We operate in a specific niche that allows us to continually sharpen our expertise and processes around each facet of our business. Every deal strengthens our core and our team’s knowledge is always deepening. 

As vertically integrated operators, we know the devil’s in the details.

Flexible Deal Criteria

We actively seek out communities with strong potential, going beyond standard metrics to identify hidden value. Our adaptable approach allows us to capitalize on diverse opportunities that align with our long-term vision.

Institutional Quality Due Diligence

Before acquiring any property, we conduct a thorough and meticulous evaluation process. This in-depth due diligence minimizes risk and ensures we invest in communities with solid foundations for success.

Nationally Diversified Portfolio

We strategically acquire properties across various geographical markets. This diversification mitigates potential risks associated with specific locations and fosters a more stable and resilient portfolio. With plans to continue expanding that footprint to be more nationally diversified.

$300MM Off-Market Pipeline

Our extensive industry network allows us to access exclusive investment opportunities not readily available on the open market. These off-market deals offer the potential for exceptional value and competitive returns.

Long-Term Holds

We take a long-term perspective on our investments, believing in the enduring strength of the manufactured housing sector. This approach allows us to foster community development, optimize property performance, and create lasting value.

Vertically Integrated with 120+ Employees

With over 120 experienced professionals, we operate as a vertically integrated organization. This in-house expertise allows us to optimize property management, streamline operations, and drive superior returns for our partners.