Our Values & Operating Principles

Our values and operating principles are the blueprint for how we provide well-maintained properties, and clear expectations. Learn how we balance our mission with a focus on sustainable, successful management.

Core Values

At Three Pillar Communities, we have five core values that guide everything we do.


We embrace honesty, accountability, and open communication. Whether it’s finding creative solutions to a resident’s problem or admitting a mistake, we value doing the right thing because it’s the foundation of trust with our residents and with each other.


We believe every individual – residents, colleagues, partners – deserves dignity and respect. Respect means actively listening, valuing differences, and cultivating a place where everyone feels welcome.


Success at Three Pillar Communities is a team effort. We collaborate, celebrate each other’s wins, and take pride in supporting each other. Everyone brings their unique strengths to the table, and in doing so, we create the best possible experiences for our communities.

Owner’s Mindset

We treat every community like it’s our own. We’re proactive problem-solvers with an entrepreneurial spirit. That means finding resourceful solutions, taking calculated risks, and never settling for “good enough”.

Growth Mindset

We champion continuous learning and self-improvement. Challenges don’t intimidate us – they inspire us to find new and better solutions. We embrace feedback as a path to growth and aren’t afraid to take risks that drive innovation, benefiting both our residents and our team.

Our Operating Principles

We’re mission-driven, for-profit affordable housing investors.

We provide safe and clean housing.

We provide communities that are objectively affordable.

We provide safe and clean housing regardless of race, color, creed, social background, or sexual orientation.

In order to provide safe and clean neighborhoods, we remove residents who threaten the health and safety of other residents.

We help our residents build wealth through homeownership.

We upgrade our neighborhood and extend the supply of affordable housing by replacing obsolete manufactured homes with new homes.

We believe in charging market rent.

We work case by case with individual resident who cannot afford rent increases.

We oppose rent control.

We are here to listen and learn, and our views may change over time.