Case Study


Manufactured Housing Community • Fairplay, CO

Located in a beautiful valley with views of the Rocky Mountains, Fairplay, Colorado, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and a down-to-earth community spirit. Recognizing the limited housing options for the local workforce and those drawn to the region’s outdoor lifestyle, Three Pillar Communities created a housing community in Fairplay. We offer well-built, energy-efficient homes at an attainable price point, providing a path to homeownership in this sought-after location.

Our investment in Fairplay is driven by more than the scenic surroundings. We believe in the hardworking people who make up this town and are committed to providing quality housing solutions that support a strong, sustainable community.

Whether you’re an outdoors enthusiast, seeking a simpler lifestyle, or part of the essential workforce, Fairplay offers a place to call home amidst Colorado’s landscape.

Unit Count

Acquisition Type

Market Profile
High-demand tertiary

Purchase Price

Valuation Upon Refinancing
Not yet realized as of Feb. 2022

Resident Wins

New manufactured homes
New landscaping
Road repairs
New school bus shelter

Investor Wins

Bonus depreciation upon acquisition
Steady cash distributions from operating profits