Case Study

Holly Court

Manufactured Housing Community • Milwaukie, OR

Holly Court Manufactured Home Community demonstrates Three Pillar Communities’ ability to identify and capitalize on unique investment opportunities. While its 10-unit size might deter traditional investors, we recognized the potential of this well-constructed community in a high-demand urban location. We further enhanced the property through targeted value-add improvements and implemented professional management practices, contributing to a 67% increase in the community’s valuation upon refinancing.

But our acquisition of Holly Court wasn’t just about financial success; it also provided residents with a more stable and well-maintained living environment. Our focus on responsible management practices ensured reliable services and a greater sense of security for residents.

Holly Court’s proximity to other Three Pillar Communities properties offers operational efficiencies and potential for future expansion within this desirable urban market. This acquisition underscores our commitment to identifying strategic opportunities that deliver both financial returns and positive outcomes for the communities we serve.

Unit Count

Acquisition Type

Market Profile
Urban (Core)

Purchase Price

Valuation Upon Refinancing

Value Increase

Resident Wins

Responsive, professional management

Investor Wins

26% IRR
2.1X equity multiple