Case Study

Foothills Solar Community

Butte Valley, CA

Whereas many investors would shy away from a rural property on private utilities (i.e. with no access to municipal water or sewer), we reconceptualized this 1970s-era mobile home park as a sustainable “solar community,” producing its own water, recycling its wastewater, and generating much of its own electric power. We invested over $1,600,000 and built a 600 kW solar power generation facility. We also installed more than a dozen new manufactured homes.

Unit Count

Acquisition Type

Market Profile
Rural (Tertiary), Private Utilities

Purchase Price

Sale Price

Equity Multiple

Resident Wins

Green Energy
New Manufactured Homes
New Playground
Road Improvements

Investor Wins

16.4% IRR
Bonus depreciation and federal tax credits from solar project
Steady cash distributions from operating profits