Case Study

Tierra Linda

Mobile Home Park • Hermiston, OR

Three Pillar Communities saw the potential that existed at the heart of Tierra Linda Mobile Home Park. We acquired this property with a mission to improve the quality of life for its residents while simultaneously creating value for our investors. Our vision includes:

  • Upgraded Homes and Amenities: We understand the importance of safe, comfortable homes. Our improvements included installing new residences, renovating existing ones, and revitalizing community spaces.
  • Building a Stronger Community: We created enhanced safety measures and fostered opportunities for residents to connect. These investments directly contribute to increased property values and a desirable living environment.
  • Commitment to Affordable Housing: Our mission is to provide attainable solutions to the housing crisis. The success of Tierra Linda allows us to reinvest in other communities and continue providing affordable housing for those who need it most.

Unit Count

Acquisition Type

Market Profile

Purchase Price

Valuation Upon Refinancing

Equity Multiple

Resident Wins

New Perimeter Fence
New Signage
New Laundry Equipment
New Manufactured Homes

Investor Wins

27% IRR
1.8X Equity Multiple